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Welcome to Truck, Tuck, and Roll. A blog on DIY pickup truck maintenance and design upgrades. Weather its an aftermarket stereo system or doing basic repairs. Our goal is to build a website that shares idea on design, key maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting.


List of Truck Ideas

50+ Ideas To Try Out

Check out these 50+ style upgrades you could implement on your pickup. Some may be more easier than others and some may take more cash. But most are affordable ideas that aren’t that complicated to try out yourself. Step by step instructions, videos, and product sources are included.


Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

Increase MPG

One thing many struggle for is how to get that little extra out of the tank. In this article we will go through on many areas we can save. Although some are smaller than others, when implementing it can add up. See how this guy went from 10 MPG to 24 MPG!


Tires and pickups

Traction, tread, size, and specs

Tires and wheels can showcase and add a major appeal to any truck. In the same breathe, the proper specs and ratios should matter as well. From 33’s to 39’s to low profiles on chrome to the longest lasting.



User Submitted and Fun Pickup Pics!